Caries is definitely one of the most common dental problems, a high percentage of people around the world suffer or have suffered this problem that, in many cases, can end in the loss of teeth. Although there are currently different methods to counteract the effects produced by this damage on the teeth, many prefer to be treated with remedies that are not so aggressive, ie, with natural products.

Although at present there is a lot of information about what natural elements we can introduce in our routine of a dental cleaning, it is not always sure that the information provided is entirely correct, which is why it is always recommended to visit a holistic dentistry Mexico as they have more excellent knowledge about these issues. Despite this, there are specific remedies that dentists recommend, starting with the importance of a healthy diet and proper dental hygiene.

If a person has a balanced diet, low in foods with high percentages of sugar, it is likely not present cavities because there will be no settlements of glucose, and proper cleaning, can remove significant amounts of bacteria found in the oral cavity. If the individual already has cavities, you can follow the following recommendations; the dentists themselves implement these suggestions, so they are quite effective and safe.

The plants recommended to combat this problem are: Sage, marigold, thyme; these herbs have antiseptic effects so they are recommended to prevent infections caused by tooth decay. For this, it is necessary to boil for five minutes a glass of water mixed with these plants, an approximate amount of one tablespoon of each. Once the water is boiling, laugh from the oven and let it stand for 15 minutes, add lemon juice. With this liquid, the person should make mouthwashes 1 to 2 times a day. After each dental cleaning.

Another powerful element to fight bacteria and fungi that can be caused by the effects of caries is grapefruit seed extract. With this ingredient, a small amount of this extract will be poured into half a glass of water. The person must rinse with this in each dental cleaning.

Because this caries problem does not only damage the teeth, there must be specialized care in the gums, so you can opt for natural remedies to improve your health and sensitivity.

One of the ingredients is lysine; this product is an amino acid that maintains the care of the gums as it strengthens the collagen found in this area. With the use of this element, the possibilities of gingival infections and periodontitis are reduced. To make use of this, it is recommended the intake of 1 to 3 grams a day, depending on the recommendation of the dentist. It should be consumed twenty minutes before each meal.

Another essential product for maintaining healthy gums is Coenzyme Q10. These substances maintain the vitality of tissues throughout the body, so if you have problems with your gums, you are likely to have a deficiency of this element. It is recommended to take 60 to 80 grams before meals.

If you want to use any of these remedies, it is essential to always check with the dentist to make sure that the actions will be beneficial to healing the existing problem.