Baja California is a state famous for attracting large numbers of American tourists mostly, this is because La Baja is a state where you can find everything, every corner of this has a new wonder for you, which can provide you just what you are looking for. Undoubtedly, its main attraction is food, this is never, never in doubt, Mexican food is very famous as it is one of the richest foods in the world and Baja California is no exception, in this state you can find all kinds of exquisite dishes. For example in Tijuana you can find the famous Caesars Salad, in Mexicali, you can eat the famous Chinese food, in Ensenada and Rosarito you can find all kinds of fresh seafood dishes.

But food is not the only attraction of this state, there are a lot of attractions that can make a person decide to go to this wonderful state. The Baja has impressive beaches and resorts that are quite attractive for anyone, this is a reality and is well known, however, another thing that is of great attraction for Americans are medical and dental services. That medical and dental services are one of the main attractions of this state is because their costs are quite low compared to United States prices, in addition to the quality of these is the same as you can get anywhere else.

In Baja California, the term “medical/dental tourism” was created due to the large number of Americans who came to Mexico in search of this type of services. In fact, the demand is very high that there is a specific area full of dentists, according to the website of Vice Los Algodones, an area located just between the Arizona border with Baja California, in northern Mexico, which is the place with the most dentists in the world. In fact, this place is known as the Disneyland of dental services, because it has all kinds of services for all types of people and for the best prices. 98% of the people who come to this place to receive dental treatment come from the United States and Canada.

In addition to this, there are also many places that have many dental services, because Los Algodones can be quite far from some people. Thanks to the high demand for this type of services, the state of Baja California now has countless doctors of all specialties and dentists who can also treat any type of condition for a very low cost. Most people usually look for a Rosarito dentist, so after taking care of their teeth they can vacation on the beach and have a good time, taking advantage of the trip. In medical matters, Tijuana is one of the most famous cities that provides this type of services, and you can tell because even crossing the border there are a lot of hospitals and clinics, ready to provide the best services to whoever needs it. , you can also find a large number of plastic surgeons who have the most affordable prices to help you shape your figure.