Having a perfect smile is the perfect dream of many people, because this is one of the key parts of the human body that helps a person look more beautiful. And to exemplify this we can give as an example a person that we know had crooked teeth and use dental braces, this person without a doubt had a total change of appearance after having finished the treatment of braces, and anyone in whom we think that having gone through the same thing we can be sure that it became a lot more attractive when the teeth where fixed. So it is important that we always worry about having an enviable smile if we want to improve our appearance, for this there is a specialty in dentistry, which is called orthodontics and is responsible for solving all the aesthetic problems of the teeth to improve their image and in this way also improve the image of the person in general.

Many people are responsible for finding places of orthodontics that help them solve the aesthetic problems present in their teeth at an affordable price. Many people do not realize when they need orthodontic treatment because in some cases there is a possibility that the teeth do not look so bad at first sight and yet there are some functional problems (this is also responsible for orthodontics) that need immediate solution , but as they are not very visible or the person has learned to ignore them, ignore this can cause that a person do not identify when they need orthodontic treatment.

It is important to clarify that only a dentist can ultimately determine if a person needs orthodontic treatment by making a diagnosis to help determine it. According to the results obtained from the diagnosis made, the dentist will inform if an orthodontic treatment is necessary or not and based on this will be in charge of developing a treatment that is adapted to the needs of each patient.

However we can talk about some symptoms that may indicate that a person needs dental treatment, here are some:


The overbite is when the crowns of the upper teeth almost completely cover the crowns of the lower teeth and often give the look of a horse’s jaw.


The sub-bite is when the lower teeth are positioned higher than the upper teeth and therefore give a bulldog appearance.


The open bite is when there is a space between the biting surfaces of the anterior teeth when the rest are closed.

Middle line displaced

This refers to when the imaginary line that is in the center of the upper teeth does not align with that of the lower ones.


This refers to the gaps or spaces between the teeth that are caused by missing pieces or teeth that do not occupy the entire space.


This refers to when the teeth are so large that they cannot be accommodated in the space offered by the jaws.

These are some of the things that may indicate that orthodontic treatment is necessary, however as mentioned above, a visit to the dentist will always be necessary to determine it, many times  dental crowns Tijuana can help to improve the image of the smile too, so we should consider them too.