As a third or fourth year medical students from a foreign country, looking for the the best US clinical experience is paramount, as it sets the stage for your future career direction and ultimate satisfaction bordering life and career. First of all, there is a ton of work that goes into getting and filling out the right paperwork, dealing with visas, making countless phone calls, and all the while you are still expected to study and spend time with your family. For these reasons, foreign medical students look for the best US clinical experience through medical rotations companies that help pair them with the best opportunities for having the greatest clinical experience imaginable. Here are some tips to help foreign medical students find the best US clinical experience of their dreams.

Find the Best Clinical Experience Placement Company

There are  a number of companies out there that help medical students find US clinical experience. First of all, the approach is everything. When you call various clinical experience agencies, you will want to note how eager they are to have a phone call. Do they require email communication, or are they eager to have a real human conversation? Customer service is everything, as it is indicative to their focus on their clients and sets expectations for customer service. Finding a company that helps med students find the best clinical experience must prove they are fair and honest, and while certain probing questions can uncover this, so too and reading customer reviews.

Find the Best US Clinical Experience by Reading Agency Reviews

You know what your ultimate goals are, so read customer reviews by US clinical placement agencies, pinpoint reviewers that faced some of your current concerns, and see how the agency helped them face the challenges. Did the reviewers get the LORS they needed to move on to the next step? Was the process easy and did the agency do most of the work? Did the medical students get placed in their top-desired cities? How did the US clinical experience agency help students find housing?

Are you Seeking Research Opportunities?

The best US clinical experience agencies help medical students find US clinical experience with appropriate research opportunities. Ask the agency to provide you with testimonials from past clients who can demonstrate the agency was efficient, accurate, and genuinely cared about getting their clients the best results. For example, some medical students may want US clinical experience specific to general surgery, neurology, cardiology or gastroenterology and live near the ocean in a warm climate with great access to cultural outlets. Los Angeles would be the best fir for all of these must-haves, and the best US clinical experience agencies will not only know this, but have the ability to help their clients get LORs, the best accomodations for their budget, and help get them on the customized path needed for their success.

When searching for the best US clinical experiences, agencies that meet the above standards will put you in the best position to achieve all your goals.