The placement of implants is one of the most frequent dental treatments, this is because the patient may have suffered a loss of one or more teeth, whether due to periodontal problems, an accident or simply because of age, so it is reasonable to resort to this type of procedure to fill the gap that has remained. The loss of a tooth can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and low self-esteem, so this technique came to change this type of situation.

There are many types of implants, from one or two pieces and with different materials, so the advice of a good dentist is essential to know what kind of dental implants in tijuana is appropriate.

Implants consist primarily of the use of a screw that will be embedded in the archal bone, replacing the root of the anterior tooth, this will prevent its movement or fall.  Afterward, the crown will be placed, which will give the aesthetic aspect of the tooth. That is, in short, what an implant is.

There are different types of implants:

Conical implant – The objective of this type of implant is to simulate the dental root through a geometrical screw that improves stability and duration. The kind of material with which the screw is made has the characteristic of incorporating an antibacterial layer to avoid infections.

Cylindrical implant – Its main feature is to prevent bone loss because its shape minimizes stress on the bone. Thanks to its triangular neck, it provides greater stability.

In order for the dentist to carry out this type of procedure, it is necessary to make a previous evaluation of the state of the person’s oral health, since if a gum problem is observed, such as gingivitis, that problem will be treated first and then the implants will be placed.

If the person is a candidate for treatment, the implantation will be done in two stages: placement and restoration. In the first stage, the implant will be placed according to the person’s needs. In the second stage is recovery, where time will be needed for osseointegration.

There are many advantages that include the implantation of these pieces, such as reducing tooth decay, total restoration of the denture, as well as offering greater comfort, more aesthetics, and longer duration. A job well done can last up to 20 years, this if the necessary care dictated by the dentist is carried out. The person with implants must take special attention if you want this treatment to last for a long time, you need to make impeccable oral hygiene and devote a little time to the necessary care. 

Implants can solve many of the problems that a person is going through, talking about improving both physical and emotional aspects, but it is advisable to visit a dentist who specializes in the implantation and use of right material. If the person goes to a dentist who is not qualified for this type of work could have more significant consequences, such as damage to the dental bone, monetary loss or any infection that endangers the health of other teeth.