Whenever a person wants to perform a nose operation is because of an aesthetic correction, because it seeks to obtain an attractive image of this surgery. It is unknown when deciding on a rhinoplasty Tijuana if it is convenient or necessary for something even more relevant, such as proper functioning and ventilation.

When consulting with a professional, you should not only answer questions about the changes you want to make but also under what conditions you have subsequently evaluated as a patient. It is necessary that you know that not always a surgery corrects or modifies everything you want, but that it can produce a significant change in this case to the respiratory functionality, which is not something minor and that can produce a remarkable change of life.

After a diagnosis and exact evaluation of what is required by the patient and the characteristics of the nose, not only in terms of size and shape, but also as it is constituted in relation to breathing, it is possible to indicate the different options in rhinoplasty that can be the most useful according to the case. There are certain conditions or dysfunctions that require surgery, such as the one that corrects the central septum or the one that is requested in cases of needing correction of the nasal passages, necessary to heat and filter the air, and depending on its size can be unfavorable for that function.

The first case of surgeries to repair the septum is called septoplasty and the one needed to recover a normal size of the pits is indicated as turbinoplasty. Many patients, who even in the consultation know that they have a problem of nasal ventilation, wonder or question the possibility of staying with the procedure they were looking for that is an aesthetic intervention or perform both surgeries in that same intervention and leave with all the solutions

From now you can perform a functional and aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty in the same surgery, this long name indicates the possibility of performing an aesthetic change in the same operation and solving a dysfunction linked to respiration. Currently, as in other different specialties, advanced technology is available to carry out this type of corrections, as it is also recommended in the site where the intervention is performed, to have the diagnosis of a specialist in otorhinolaryngology to obtain the precise solution of each patient.

Aesthetic surgery and functional correction do not overlap, nor do they cause problems in their results. That is why it is not a serious problem to combine them. The time for recovery, due to the fact of performing two apparent surgeries in one, does not have any inconvenience. It is always the same if you only had to give cosmetic surgery specifically.

You can ask yourself which one is the most important or which should be prioritized, in fact many aesthetic cases that bother the patient’s image justly owe their cause to respiratory problems that dragged on in time, but that only manifested as a desire to change an area that was not liked by the person. Therefore it is important that surgery pay special attention in this respiratory dysfunction, rhinoplasty is not only an aesthetic change but also an effective respiratory solution, for these reasons is that it is necessary and not only possible to perform them simultaneously.

Functional problems in breathing can be verified by its main symptoms, fatigue or weakness, in school stage is notorious a decline in studies, as can also be the bad face, use the mouth unconsciously to ventilate and other common characteristics, especially in children and adolescents, which tend to occur mainly in the beginning of childhood and which is important to consider, to deal with finding a serious diagnosis and an early solution. The important thing is to first resort to a good otolaryngology professional to diagnose the child with a complete review, including all kinds of studies and that way you can go the way to recognize the problem and its origin.