Common Diseases In Older People

The old age is one of the most complicated stages for human beings and is that in this adult period, the body tends to have health and physical problems that considerably hinder the welfare of the person. The older adult needs a lot of care, which is why many relatives decide to host their oldest […]

Natural remedies to combat cavities

Caries is definitely one of the most common dental problems, a high percentage of people around the world suffer or have suffered this problem that, in many cases, can end in the loss of teeth. Although there are currently different methods to counteract the effects produced by this damage on the teeth, many prefer to […]

CRM en el sector salud

Si nos ponemos a pensar, ¿qué es lo que más buscan las personas cuando se encuentran en busca de una clínica de salud? Es bastante obvio que la primera respuesta que nos vendrá a la mente será un buen servicio, lo cual es una realidad ninguna persona quiere poner su salud en manos de una […]

How To Know If I Need Orthodontic Treatment

Having a perfect smile is the perfect dream of many people, because this is one of the key parts of the human body that helps a person look more beautiful. And to exemplify this we can give as an example a person that we know had crooked teeth and use dental braces, this person without […]

Tartar, The Most Common Dental Problem

Many people often confuse the terms “dental plaque” and “dental plaque”.Here we will mention the difference between them and some tips you can take to avoid improving the health of your mouth. What are the differences between plaque and tartar? Plaque (dentobacterial) is a bacterial accumulation that arises as a result of the interaction between […]

The most famous dental treatments

Currently there are many types of dental treatments created specifically for the comfort and benefit of any person’s dental health. And is that dental health is always going to be one of the priorities of all, absolutely all people. This is because we know how painful it can be to have a problem with our […]

A Rhinoplasty To Look Better And Breathe Better Is Possible, How To Recognize A Dysfunction In Ventilation

Whenever a person wants to perform a nose operation is because of an aesthetic correction, because it seeks to obtain an attractive image of this surgery. It is unknown when deciding on a rhinoplasty Tijuana if it is convenient or necessary for something even more relevant, such as proper functioning and ventilation. When consulting with […]

What Is an Outpatient Surgery?

Surgeries are what most can cause fear in people and not only for the fact that they are quite delicate and aftercare is complicated, but also because of the great expense they represent. Well, surgery usually involves hospitalization and besides the discomfort of having to stay in a hospital instead of at home, the expense […]

The Most Requested Plastic Surgeries

In order to talk about what are the most requested plastic surgeries, we must first define what is plastic surgery. There are 3 types of plastic surgeries, normal plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, and aesthetic plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty that is responsible for correcting any process that requires repair or replacement […]

Place to get dental implant cheaper

Dental implants Tijuana are the best option in dentistry to replace lost teeth. Possibly you think why in Tijuana? Well, Tijuana is one of the best places to take care of yourself when you need a dentist, they have a lot of experience and the best education.  They offer stability, strength and natural appearance. They […]